Qualifications and Experience

  • A.C.A Licensed
  • Austel Licensed
  • Data, PABX and Commander Refresher Courses
  • O.H.&.S. Induction Course
  • 52 Years telecommunications and data experience

Installation and Repair

  • Telephone Cabling, programming of pabx's and commander systems eg. hx, bn, an, d, lg,isdn voip etc.
  • Data Cabling, computer support,wireless modem setup, computer security fiber optics.
  • Indoor digital Television Cabling (excluding antennas)

Data Cabling

  • Local Area Networks (LAN) cat 5e and cat 6. integrated cabling patch panels etc.

Telephone Cabling

  • Used Commanders
  • P.A.B.X's
  • Keystation systems
  • House telephone cabling
  • MDF Jumpering

Indoor Television Cabling

Accepted forms of Payment

  • Cash
  • Cheque
  • EFT ( Bank details of Agile Connections are BSB 062 245 - Acc. 10379690 )
  • Barter. What can I help you with?.

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